When thinking about your wedding events, it can be overwhelming to think about every single detail for every outfit. Just like a wedding planner, I can be there for whatever your wardrobe styling needs are for your wedding weekend and events leading up to your wedding. I will source unique pieces to make you stand out, help keep you organized and be there for you with unlimited communication during the most exciting time of your life! 

We will have an in person or virtual consultation, depending on your location, to discuss your wedding wardrobe vision and build a package around your needs!

Fees are customized for each bride, starting at $550 for two looks.

If you have a special occasion or event coming up and need help looking fabulous, we are here to help! We will first have a phone consultation to discuss your vision and needs, then curate a lookbook with 10 different complete looks for you to choose from with links to purchase. 

If you need a complete head to toe look styled for you, it will be $200 per event.

If you need help completing your look with jewelry, shoes, etc, it will be $100 per existing outfit.

We offer two different types of closet edits! 
For first time clients, we will do a full closet audit where we will take a deep dive into your wardrobe to assess and edit as needed. For the pieces that we edit out, we will help you consign with our partners or donate. From there, we will put together approximately 20 complete looks to help you get dressed on a day to day basis and curate a shopping list with shoppable links to fill in your wardrobe gaps through our lookbook platform. We will also help you streamline and reorganize your closet to maximize your wardrobe options. 

$550 for up to a 3-hour session
 Additional hours - $150 per hour. 

For existing clients, we offer a closet refresh to update your current wardrobe. We will curate a lookbook with approximately 20 complete outfits with pieces added in your wardrobe from our last visit. 

$375 for up to a 2 hour session
$190 for up to a 1 hour session
Virtual Closet edits - $200 per hour



closet edits


If you do not live in the Washington DC Metro area, don't worry we can still work together virtually or we can travel to you! There will be mileage fees plus a 20% fee added to the total of service applied. For locations within 3 hours away, we can do day trips. If you are further than 3 hours away, an overnight stay is required.